<![CDATA[ My Site - Bare Knuckle Floor Prep Advice]]>Fri, 12 Feb 2016 13:25:02 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Restore or replace my tile´╗┐]]>Fri, 05 Feb 2016 17:04:16 GMThttp://www.bareknucklefloordemolition.com/bare-knuckle-floor-prep-advice/restore-or-replace-my-tileCan I restore my tile floor ( deep clean it!) The easier solution would be to restore but if you are restoring a tile that has 1980's style and you want modern 2016 pizzaz then replacing is the only solution.
So you decide to replace and you decide to go with a new contemporary styled tile, chances are that the newer styled tiles come in a larger tile than the 1980's 12 inch by 12 inch tile. Newer styles are typically 18 by 18 or even 24 by 24 or something that comes in a plank size that is really really cool.
When it comes to preparing a subfloor for the  newer larger format tile then pay close attention to flatness of your subfloor. Many of the modern looking styles in today's tile flooring calls for thinner grout lines. Just remember that the smaller the grout line the flatter the subfloor has to be. Why you ask? If your subfloor is not flat and you have a subfloor that has lots of high spots that can cause tiles to sit unevenly then there is a higher chance of some tile edges to stick up higher than an adjacent tile. This is also known as lippage and it can ruin the look of the whole project. See the picture below.
The key to a great looking tile floor is first to remove the old floor using modern low dust demolition systems like what we use at Bare Knuckle Floor Demolition. Secondly, be sure to address low spots and thirdly use a qualified installer who can show you his experience.
<![CDATA[LVP Flooring: Benefits and potential pitfalls´╗┐]]>Thu, 04 Feb 2016 19:45:41 GMThttp://www.bareknucklefloordemolition.com/bare-knuckle-floor-prep-advice/lvp-flooring-benefits-and-potential-pitfallsLVP stands for " Luxury Vinyl Plank ". Selecting floors is tough! The tough part is in selecting from the thousands of color and texture choices.
The benefits of the flooring choice are often over looked when style and texture become the focal point of a flooring purchasing decision.If the benefits are overlooked then the pitfalls are most certainly overlooked. In this post I am glad to say that LVP has many awesome benefits here are my top three benefits.
  • Waterproof
  • Looks just like wood.
  • Extremely durable
Now for the pitfall:
Notice that I said pitfall ( singular ). The number one pitfall is not with the product itself but rather it is with the choice of your installer and the floor prep people that they use. Be sure your installer has lots of experience with LVP. Vinyl is an awesome material. Its been around forever but by nature it is pliable. It bends and forms to match the surface it is bonded to. That being said. When you put vinyl  on a floor it will follow the floors contours If a floor has a texture or protrusion vinyl will"hug" the protrusion and you will see that protrusion stand out like a sore thumb. This is not a problem if your floor prep is done right.

Be sure when prepping the sub floor that you grind off high spots such as old thin set . We do this for our customers using a 99% dust free grinding method so that the LVP will have a smooth surface to bond to. Also be sure that your surface doesn't have severe indentations of any kind because it will show up with the opposite effect of the high spot . Often times especially on concrete sub floors you can visibly see undulations after grinding off any old glues or thin set. If severe those undulations should be "skimmed " using the appropriate surfacing material to create the flattest floor possible. Floor prep is the key to a successful LVP flooring installation. Do it right the first time!